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We’ve made our Cloud Web Hosting Packages even Better!

After some competitive benchmarking we’ve decided it’s time we upgraded our Cloud Hosting packages to ensure we’re still ahead of the pack when it comes to delivering value for money and packages that our customers really want…

So we’ve upgraded our Cloud Lite+ package which means you can now host 10 websites and 5 databases plus you get 200GB of bandwidth and all for only €4.59 plus vat per month or €45.95 plus vat per year which includes 2 Months Free. You still get 10GB Disk Space, 50 Email Accounts, 25% Discount on Domain Registration and a Free AdWords Voucher…

We’ve also upgraded the bandwidth on Cloud Business+ to 400GB and Cloud Ultima to 600GB.
Now That’s Value for Money!

Why a Cloud VPS from us makes good business sense…

At Hosting Ireland our mission has always been to deliver value for money and this is no different when it comes to our Cloud VPS packages. We simply don’t charge a setup fee for standard configuration of our four packages. Setup is very quick and can be a matter of minutes in some instances.
We’ve seen that many competitors don’t mention setup fees until you reach the checkout cart and then there is an additional months fee to cover setup. Packages start from as little at €29.95 per month, there are no hidden charges and there is no minimum contract period, so why would you want to go anywhere else?

We have lots of addon options such as Management, CDP Backup, Litespeed, Cloudlinux and Softaculous.

So whether Linux or Windows a Cloud VPS package from Hosting Ireland makes great business sense.

For more information go to Cloud VPS

Our Website Builder Just Got Better!

We’ve got great news about our Website Builder…It Just Got Better!

Now you get 10 Mobile Responsive Templates as standard, so now you can build a cool website that looks great and is easy to use whatever the screen size – phone or tablet.

10 New Cool Mobile Responsive Templates

10 New Cool Mobile Responsive Templates

Also our stock images have been totally refreshed with full integration with Pixabay, offering you more than 400,000 professional images and photos (Premium and ECommerce Packages only)…

400,000 New Images

400,000 New Images

We really believe our Website Builder offers the best value for money. Starting at just €99.00 you get:-

– Free .IE Domain and Hosting
– 10 Mobile Responsive Templates
– Unlimited Pages
– 5 Email Accounts
– Unlimited Editing

If you don’t believe us try our 30 day FREE trial. Design, build and publish your ideal website and only pay if you’re 100% happy…

Total .IE Registered Domain Names Pass 200,000 Mark!

ie Domain Profile Infographic 080715

Two-Letter .IE Domain Name Consultation Process to End 9th July….

See IEDR Blog for more info.

Two letter .ie domain names to be registered for the first time…Big brands and SMEs to vie for some of Ireland’s shortest internet addresses ever 676 possible combinations, like, and on offer.

Read the official press release from the IE Domain Registry below:


Irish businesses will shortly be able to register two-letter .ie domain names for the first time, the IE Domain Registry (IEDR) announced today.

The move will allow for up to 676 possible two-letter domain name combinations, including,, and, amongst others. The exact release process and mechanism will be confirmed after a public consultation.

While many other international domain registries have allowed for one and two-letter domain names to be registered, like and, this is the first time Irish companies will be able to register a one or two-letter .ie domain.

There is expected to be intense competition for some domain names. This will apply in the case of company abbreviations, particularly where these are shared by one or more companies, such as HP, BT or AA. Additionally more general two letter domain names which describe a specific type of business or service such as HR are also expected to be in demand.

In the UK, when its domain registry made one and two letter domain names available there, there was a lot of interest, with 3 million pounds (€4.1 million) raised through the auction process. In the UK, global companies such as Facebook snapped up the address; Mercedes Benz acquired and the clothing retailer H&M secured

In Ireland the arrival of two letter domains will also have a political dimension with party domain names like, or all becoming available.

David Curtin, CEO of IEDR commenting on one and two letter domain names becoming available noted: “At IEDR we have been working for 15 years with Irish businesses, voluntary organisations and with individuals to help them register Irish internet domain names which are relevant to them or their business. Offering one and two letter domains is a welcome further extension of those services.’

“We are calling for interested parties to express their opinions during our 30 day public consultation process. IEDR’s policy advisory committee to the board (PAC) has worked diligently to consider the policy change and to build consensus among stakeholder organisations on the best release mechanisms. It is now the turn of the public to express its views.”

“.ie domain names continue to be the domain names of choice for a number of key reasons. For businesses they are guaranteed Irish as their owners have a proven real and substantive connection to Ireland. These Identifiably Irish dot ie internet addresses also give greater confidence to consumers due to their enhanced traceability and are also much safer, with lower risk of cybercrime and cybersquatting, than other generic domain extensions.”

“The availability of one and two letter domain names and the demand for them is certainly one to watch with interest. Many of our sister national domain registries across Europe and the world which have already been through this process. All experienced strong demand, often coupled with an intense bidding process. The UK’s recent experience suggests we can expect similar demand here,” added Curtin.

For those interested in acquiring a one or two letter domain name, they should make contact with their Accredited Registrar of choice, who will be happy to manage the registration process on their behalf.

The timetable for the registration process will be announced following the completion of the policy development process by the PAC and the board of the IEDR. The conditions which currently apply to all .ie domain registrations will also apply to this process, i.e. each applicant must have a connection to Ireland and a legitimate claim to the domain name sought. Where two or more companies or individuals apply for the same one or two letter .ie domain name and also meet the registration criteria, then an auction to determine ownership will take place. The highest bidder will be awarded the right to use the contested domain.

A public consultation document and FAQ are available to download from the IEDR’s website at

Summer .EU Domain Name Offer – €7.95 Until 31st August 2015

Register or Transfer-In a .EU Domain This Summer and Get 20% OFF…Only Pay €7.95


Registration is Quick and Easy…


148% More ‘Child Sexual Abuse Material’ Uncovered by the Irish Internet Hotline

On 14th May 2015 ISPAI Service launched its Annual Report covering January to December 2014 – an Analysis of Online Illegal Content – during a press event hosted in Dublin, at the Irish Architectural Archive.

In her opening addressed Frances Fitzgerald T.D., Minister for Justice and Equality emphasised that “ contributes to the empowerment of citizens by providing a means to report illegal material and in particular Child Sexual Abuse Material on the Internet and to have it dealt with appropriately in cooperation with the Gardaí.”

2014 was a very busy year for as it dealt with the greatest number of reports received in one year since its establishment (1999), marking a massive jump of 97% above the average of the previous seven years. Reports Received - 2014 Reports Received – 2014

“Had we not made an sizeable investment starting in mid-2013 to redevelop our systems to better automate the workflow, we would have been totally overwhelmed by this unexpected increase in reporting. We are proud to be part of this solution to tackle Online CSAM and we are glad that the public trusts the Service enough to report suspected illegal content. More reports result in more new images / videos being taken down at source and brought to the attention of Law Enforcement for police investigation”, commented Paul Durrant Chief Executive of ISPAI and Manager.

Of the 4,863 reports received and processed in 2014, 335 cases were confirmed by Hotline Analysts as CSAM, which marks an increase of 148% over 2013. Only 9 CSAM cases were traced to Ireland, 222 were traced and forwarded to the INHOPE Internet Hotline in the appropriate jurisdictions for action and 21 were traced to countries outside the INHOPE network and dealt with via Law Enforcement channels.

9 Cases Traced To Ireland

9 Cases Traced To Ireland


“Recognition of the value of cross-agency cooperation has been further demonstrated with the creation of the INHOPE / INTERPOL BIK-NET IC-CAM project. Although still in the pilot phase, the initial results are very promising with clear gains in victim identification work combined with the reduction of duplication of effort and enhanced communications supported by joint training” commented Michael Moran – Assistant Director, Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation, INTERPOL.


Other forms of illegal content identified by in 2014 were 20 cases of financial nature, 1 case of Child Grooming activities and 2 cases promotion violence against individual.

The collective national and international efforts to tackle the Online distribution of CSAM are forcing paedophiles to constantly find new ways to avoid detection. One of the findings that confirms and supports this observation is the unprecedented number of .onion reports. The data shows the “journey” starting either in a chatroom, forum or link site. These services are misused as gateways to .onion resources or cyberlockers containing CSAM images and/or videos.


Editorial Notes:

CSAM – Child Sexual Abuse Material legally known as Child Pornography

ISPAI – Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee of its members. One of its aims is to provide one voice for the Irish ISP Industry at national, EU and International level. Furthermore, since November 1999, ISPAI runs the Service under agreement with the Department of Justice and Equality, An Garda Síochána and oversight from the Office for Internet Safety. Further information available on

ISPAI Service is part-funded by ISPAI and is also in receipt of grant support from the European Commission. For further details visit

INHOPE – The International Network of Internet Hotlines – to ensure international reach and fast response to CSAM hosted outside Irish jurisdiction, ISPAI is a founding member of INHOPE which has grown, over the years, to a network of 51 Internet Hotlines in 45 countries worldwide.

IC-CAM pilot – ISPAI was one of the 12 Internet Hotlines piloting IC-CAM, a system being developed by INHOPE in partnership with INTERPOL, which captures “hash values” of CSAM newly identified by Hotlines. These “hashes” can then be added to the Interpol Child Exploitation Database to assist in Law Enforcement investigations around the world.

Cyberlocker a file hosting service, cloud storage service or online file storage provider. Cyberlockers are Internet hosting services specifically designed to host users’ files.

.onion is a pseudo-top-level domain designating an anonymous hidden service reachable via the Tor network often referred to as the “Dark Net”.

Note: The full Annual Report covering January to December 2014 will be made available Online @

Want to Improve Your Online Sales Capability?

The 2015 IEDR ‘Optimise’ fund worth €150,000 is now open for applications,

Should you consider applying?
Does your website fall into the 91% that can’t process sales?

-IEDR-Infographic-v3 15042015

Apply Here

See more details in the press release from the IEDR below:-

91% of Irish SME websites cannot process sales
IEDR research finds majority of Irish SMEs not ‘e-commerce enabled’
IEDR’s OPTIMISE Fund 2015 launched to help SMEs be e-commerce ready
91% of Irish SME websites cannot process sales online, according to new research published today.
The initial findings of research commissioned by IEDR, the company which manages Ireland’s .ie domain registry, finds that the vast majority of Irish businesses are not equipped to take and process consumer sales online.
The research comes as IEDR today, 20 April 2015, launched its OPTIMISE Fund 2015, which supports Irish SMEs and Micro-Enterprises in enhancing their existing online presence and in becoming e-commerce enabled.
The IEDR research surveyed 501 Irish SMEs to examine their online presence, including their e-commerce capabilities. The research found that the majority of Irish SMEs’ websites are not e-commerce enabled, hindering businesses capacity to sell online to their customers.
Key findings include:
While 63% of Irish SMEs have a website
o 91% cannot process sales online
o 62% cannot (in the first instance) take sales orders online;
o 68% cannot process payments online
o 51% don’t have the ability to interact directly with customers through social media or web chat;
o 54% don’t have responsive website designs for tablet or smartphone;
o 66% don’t have video content on their website;
and only 4% have the capacity to run analytics on their website performance.
Commenting on the research, David Curtin, Chief Executive of IEDR, said:
“What stands out most is the mismatch between business owners’ acknowledgement of what’s important and their actions. Business owners know it’s important, but they haven’t (yet) acted to sell online, with 73% saying their website is “important/very important” as a driver of generating sales, yet 62% cannot take sales orders via that website”.
“In an ever more global economy, the absence of an online sales presence puts Irish businesses at a huge disadvantage to competitors. It acts as a major disincentive to attracting customers, for whom buying online is now the norm”, added Curtin.
Now in its fifth year, the aim of the OPTIMISE Fund is to encourage and enable Irish SMEs or micro enterprises to make greater use of existing web technologies and upgrade the e-commerce functionality of their websites.
The Fund is designed to help drive Irish businesses’ sales offering online. Since its’ inception in 2011, the OPTIMISE Fund has provided funding to 60 Irish SMEs and micro enterprises to improve their web and online sales capabilities. With the OPTIMISE Fund 2015 valued at €150,000, IEDR is confident that demand for funding amongst the business community will be significant again this year.
Commenting on the OPTIMISE Fund, Mr. Curtin said:
“The OPTIMISE Fund provides training and services to small businesses to help them to enhance their online presence, particularly their online sales capability. Our research has consistently shown that Ireland’s small businesses often struggle to develop an online sales presence to tap into new revenue streams and ultimately, to grow their business. The OPTIMISE Fund works shoulder to shoulder with businesses and seeks to give a helping hand to businesses to make the leap from digital trailers to digital blazers, who are savvy, successful online entrepreneurs.”
Francis Brennan, owner of The Park Hotel, Kenmare and Ambassador for the OPTIMISE Fund 2015, noted that “online sales are critical to our hotel business. They are now a significant and growing part of most successful Irish businesses’ sales strategy. While having a website is an important shop window for every business, its’ not enough if your customers can’t use it to buy your goods and services online. Today’s survey results clearly show small Irish businesses are falling short when it comes to selling online. Such businesses risk losing out on huge opportunities for growth, unless they improve their online offering.”
Businesses who want to improve their online sales capabilities and optimise their websites are encouraged to apply to the OPTIMISE Fund 2015 by logging on to for further information.

We’ve Changed Our Telephone Number…

After some thought we’ve took the decision to change our telephone number and at the same time our fax number.


As of today our numbers are:-
Telephone – 01 902 0020
Fax – 01 902 0025
International Telephone – 00353 1 902 0020

Why you might be asking?
Well we believe that this will be cheaper for our customers. Most of our customers are now calling us from their mobiles and our old 1890 number is not included with in minute bundles, in fact mobile operators often charge a premium for calling these numbers.

Of course you can always contact us by email at